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Outfit Patterns
Doll house scale sewing patterns for miniature doll clothes. Historical doll house patterns, fantasy doll house patterns, modern and popular character doll house patterns to make doll's clothes.
Fabric and Trims
Doll house scale fabrics and trims for miniature work. Cotton fabric, silk fabric, silk ribbons, picot braids doll house scaled.
Doll Accessories
Miniature doll accessories, trims, 2 mm silk ribbon, purse kits, miniature belts, buckles and buttons etc....
Doll Supplies
Miniature Doll painting supplies, sewing supplies, glues, adhesives and more....
Dollhouse Miniatures
Dollhouse scale items, doll house furniture, doll house accessories for miniature one inch scale. JBM, Chrysnbon, Beapaq
Free 1:12 scale printies for your miniature projects. It's Mini Doll Kits way of saying thank you to our visitors. Our free collection includes, signs, wallpaper and holiday fabrics. All free of charge.
1:12 scale dollhouse downloadable printties and patterns. Instant downloads for miniature projects.
Dollhouse Displays
Room boxes, shadow boxes and displays for dolls and doll house miniatures.
Dolls By Colvin Dolls
Finely crafted miniature dollhouse dolls in one inch scale for collectors of miniature figures. Hand crafted, realistic art dolls.
Where you will find Mini Doll Kits products that help make many popular themed projects!
Special Orders
Custom doll house doll kits. Miniature doll house doll kits made to order. Male dollhouse doll kits, female dollhouse doll kits. Miniature resin doll parts are in one inch scale