Videos, tutorials, instruction sheets and helpful hints for making your doll house scale miniature doll can be found here.

Video Turorials

This 3 part series will walk you through assembling your Mini Doll Kit. Super glue or white glue, scissors or small wire cutters, and a ruler are all the tools you will need.

Part 1 - Head & Torso

Part 3 - Arms

Instruction Sheets


Can't find your written instructions? Download them here.


Sew Little Instructions

This PDF shows simple steps to construct your doll's outfit with glue.


Tips & Tricks


Tips for wigging your doll including glue and how to curl doll hair.


Making Pleats

Making Pleats easier 4 easy steps to making pleats easier in miniature.


Free Fabric Finder

Tiny Tailor Fabric Finder - Neat tool for making sure your fabric choices work in scale


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