What kind of paint can I use on my kit?

Mini Doll Kits can be painted with acrylic craft paint. The kits can also be colored with loose chalk pastels. Remember to seal your painted/ colored kit  with a clear matte acrylic sealer. 

What glue do you recommend for connecting the wires?

A Cyanoacrylate based (super-glue, zap a gap) glue is fine.  You may also use white glue or a 2 part epoxy.

Do your kits come painted?

Yes. Mini Doll Kits are available custom painted by the artist for an additional charge. When you click on the details page of each kit, you will see a drop down menu for the painted option. You will then be able to select your eye, eyebrow and shoe color preferences. Allow an extra 10 days for custom painted kits to be shipped.

Do your kits come assembled?

Yes. Mini Doll Kits are available assembled for an additional charge. When you click on the details page of each kit, you will see a drop down menu for the assembled option. Kits are assembled with chenille pipe cleaner style armature and wrapped yarn secured with glue. Most figures are additionally wrapped in gauze and set with fabric stiffener.  Figures are assembled to stand on their own on a level surface.  Allow an extra 5 days for assembled kits to be shipped.

What do you recommend for glueing the viscose hair onto the doll's head?

White glue such as Aleene's tacky glue or any quick grip white glue is acceptable for attaching the viscose to the doll. 

How do I add bulk to my doll's upper arms and thighs? 

There are several ways to add bulk to your assembled doll kit.  A popular way to add upper arm and thigh bulk is to wind yarn around the wires until the figure is padded to your liking, then cut and secure the end of the yarn with glue.  Additionally you can add extra
definition with gauze wrapped cotton balls. See our tutorial on the Tutorials page.

Where do I get my downloadables and freebies?

When your order is complete you will receive an order confirmation email from info@minidollkit.com with a link to your digital products. Clicking on the link will take you to a page that will allow you to download all of your products individually. Make sure to check all your inboxes for the email and allow future emails from info@minidollkit.com.

When does my order ship? 

If it is a normal business day, Monday -Friday 9am - 5pm EST,  orders received before noon will usually ship next day. Orders received after noon EST will usually ship in two business day, with the exception of custom items such as kits. Doll kits are pulled to order.  Please allow 5 business days for kits to be shipped.  Painted and/ or assembled doll kits will ship within 14 business day.

What are your International shipping rates? 

International rates, including Canada, are based on weight and package and/or envelope size. The cost to ship a kit starts at $14.32 with products that fit into flat envelopes starting at $4.99

Where are you located? 

Mini Doll Kits is located in Wilmington, North Carolina USA.  

Do I need to know how to sew to make the outfits?

No.  Many miniature doll makers use waterproof fabric glue to to construct their outfits. Our Sew-Little patterns come with instructions on how to sew with glue.

What if I need my order faster than normal delivery times?

If you need faster shipping, Please contact us at 910-241-0860 and we will be happy to assist you.


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